Innovating Tomorrow’s Agriculture, Today

Welcome to VelociGro, where the future of food production is being redefined. We are pioneers and visionaries, committed to creating category-defying technologies that make growing food ever more efficient, productive, profitable, and kind to the Earth.

Our Story

Founded in 2023, VelociGro was born from a simple but powerful belief: that it is possible to cultivate abundant and nutritious food while actively enhancing the world we live in. This idea has fueled our mission to transform agriculture through cutting-edge technology, making it more sustainable and resilient than ever before.

Our Philosophy

  • Innovation Beyond Boundaries: We challenge the status quo, crafting revolutionary tools and technologies that stretch beyond traditional categories and limitations.
  • Efficiency and Productivity: We strive for solutions that empower farmers to produce more with less, using fewer resources while yielding higher-quality crops.
  • Profitable Sustainability: We’re committed to creating technologies that not only improve agricultural productivity but also generate economic prosperity for farmers and stakeholders.
  • Earth-Friendly Approach: Respect for the environment is embedded in all we do. Our technologies aim to reduce waste, conserve water, lower carbon emissions, and promote biodiversity.

Our Impact

By replacing traditionally wasteful agricultural methods, we are reducing environmental footprints, conserving vital resources, and fostering sustainable practices. We nurture growth that’s not just better for plants, but better for our planet by:

  • Increasing crop yields by up to 40%
  • Reducing water usage by an average of 30%
  • Cutting pesticide use significantly, promoting healthier food and ecosystems
  • Enabling farmers to sustainably manage larger areas of land with fewer resources

Our Promise

We vow to continue pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in agriculture, dedicating ourselves to the invention and implementation of transformative technologies that foster a thriving, sustainable future for all.

Our Team

At VelociGro, we are proud to be a family of innovative thinkers, scientists, and passionate food and earth lovers. We hail from diverse backgrounds but are united by a shared vision for the future of agriculture—one that is bright, prosperous, and harmonious with the planet.


Full and Provisional Patents


Years of Combined Experience


Dedicated Team Members

Meet Our Team

Hunter Baldwin


Prior to his current role, Hunter served as COO of Proterra Ag, where he played a pivotal role in the launch of VelociGro by Ospraie Ag Science. With over three decades in the commodity industry, Hunter held diverse roles in sales and leadership positions. His most recent role was as CEO of Marex North America. During his ten year tenure, Hunter sat on Marex’s Board of Directors and spearheaded the establishment of the North American business. Hunter, an alumnus of the University of Southern California’s Marshall School of Business, leads VelociGro as they address global challenges through innovative, sustainable solutions.

Tim Cuthbertson


As VelociGro's head of scientific and R&D endeavors, Tim's expansive career includes notable tenures at Pfizer, ItherX, Focal Therapeutics, and Targacept. A PhD in organic chemistry from Arizona State University fueled his passion for innovation, leading him to co-invent HYPERroots™, the industry's first compostable CEA plant growing medium. He has a passion for sustainablility and plants and has been a vegetarian for over 20 years. Esteemed for his expertise in chemistry and experimental design, Tim's leadership is pivotal in advancing sustainable agricultural solutions.

Jonathan Romo

Head Grower

Jonathan, as VelociGro's head of plant research, embodies the company's forward-thinking vision. Instrumental in both ongoing plant research and R&D innovations, he is a driving force behind initiatives like HYPERroots™, showcasing his dedication to sustainable agriculture. With degrees from Fullerton College in Greenhouse and Nursery Management and Cal Poly Pomona in Plant Science, Jonathan's expertise is rooted in a profound love for plant growth and sustainable practices.

Issie Smith

Associate Scientist

After earning her B.S. in Biology from UW-La Crosse and actively participating in various research endeavors, Issie relocated across the country to contribute her passion for sustainable agriculture to VelociGro. As an Associate Scientist, she plays a pivotal role, from precise product manufacturing and experiment design to critical data assessment and quality testing.

Marilin Leiva

Operational Specialist

Marilin plays a variety of roles in operations and laboratory assistance. She applies her knowledge from her Business Administration studies at Long Beach City College. She thrives on problem-solving and is known for her can-do attitude that turns challenges into opportunities for improvement.