The Key Benefits of HYPERroots

HYPERroots offers a groundbreaking solution for modern agricultural practices. Composed of hydro-gel plugs or mats derived from plant-based sugars, HYPERroots not only serves as an efficient medium for delivering essential water and nutrients to plants but also actively stimulates their growth for an extended period of up to two months.

HYPERroots Plugs

HYPERroots Mats

The HYPERroots Advantage

HYPERroots is particularly beneficial for urban farms that aim to optimize resource use and ensure consistent yields. Its broad temperature stability ensures its adaptability to varying climates and indoor farming conditions. HYPERroots can be seamlessly integrated into existing watering systems, poured into mats to foster the growth of nutritious micro-greens and wheat grass, or used in plugs for efficient plant propagation.

  • Derived from plant-based sugars.
  • Compatible with all vertical farming watering systems.
  • Actively stimulates plant growth for up to two months.
  • Suitable for use in plugs or mats for plant propagation.
  • Temperature stable from 4-40ºC, ensuring adaptability.
  • Certified as commercially compostable by BPI.

Usage Tips

Usage Instructions:

  1. Place seed in dibble.
  2. Lightly Mist.
  3. Place in proper germination conditions for species

Best Practices:

  • Ensure HYPERroots has ample contact with water.
  • Leave trays sitting in constant contact with water throughout the propagation phase.

Suitable for Multiple Hydroponic systems including:

  • Ebb & Flow systems
  • Deep Water Culture
  • Nutrient Film Technique
  • Vertical Towers

Not Recommended for: