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Hunter Baldwin


Hunter, the dynamic leader at the helm of VelociGro, brings a wealth of experience and a keen strategic vision to the company as they address global agricultural challenges through innovative, sustainable solutions. His journey began as an ambitious student at the University of Southern California’s Marshall School of Business, where he cultivated not only a deep understanding of business and leadership, but also formed lasting connections that he cherishes to this day.

Prior to his current role, Hunter served as the COO of Proterra Ag. Here, he played a pivotal and defining role in the launch of VelociGro by Ospraie Ag Science, helping to steer the initiative from conception to reality with unwavering dedication and strategic finesse. It’s this chapter of his career that Hunter often cites as one of his most fulfilling, as he could see the tangible impact of his team’s work on sustainable agriculture.

With over three decades in the commodity industry, Hunter’s professional path has been diverse and expansive. He has held a myriad of roles—from sales, where he learned the value of relationship-building and clear communication, to executive leadership positions that allowed him to shape company cultures and strategies. His most recent role before VelociGro was as the CEO of Marex North America. During his ten-year tenure there, Hunter not only sat on Marex’s Board of Directors but was also the driving force behind the establishment of the company’s thriving North American business.

Away from the boardroom, Hunter is a dedicated family man and enjoys spending time with his spouse and two children, often embarking on camping trips or exploring local farmers’ markets. He is an avid reader, with a penchant for historical biographies that he says help him understand different perspectives and inform his own leadership style.

Hunter is deeply committed to mentoring the next generation of industry leaders. He regularly speaks at conferences and in classrooms, sharing his wealth of knowledge and inspiring others to join the mission of making agriculture more sustainable and efficient.

His colleagues describe Hunter as a leader who leads with empathy and integrity, making him not only a respected figure in the industry but also a beloved part of the VelociGro family. With Hunter guiding the way, VelociGro is poised for continued growth and success as we work towards a greener, more sustainable future for our planet.

Tim Cuthbertson


A lifelong vegetarian, Tim’s personal values are deeply intertwined with his professional aspirations. This choice, made in his early teens, was more than a diet—it was a commitment to a lifestyle that respects the environment and the world’s resources. Tim credits his vegetarianism with not only keeping him healthy and energetic but also continually reinforcing his appreciation for sustainable agriculture and his understanding of the integral role that plants play in our lives. This perspective permeates his work at VelociGro, where he is constantly driven to find innovative solutions that not only optimize plant growth but also promote a harmonious relationship with the environment.

Tim is the driving force behind the scientific and R&D efforts at VelociGro. With an illustrious career spanning several decades, Tim has honed his skills at notable companies including Pfizer, ItherX, Focal Therapeutics, and Targacept. His specializations in chemistry and the statistical design of experiments have positioned him as a respected figure in the industry.

A passionate innovator at heart, Tim is the co-inventor of HYPERroots™, a groundbreaking development that stands as the first Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) plant growing medium certified as compostable. This invention is a testament to Tim’s unwavering commitment to environmentally-friendly solutions.

Tim’s journey into the world of science began at Arizona State University, where he earned a PhD in organic chemistry. Known for his curiosity and love of problem-solving, he has always been drawn to the complex world of molecules and reactions, and it was here that he began to truly cultivate these passions.

Beyond the lab, Tim is a dedicated mentor, nurturing the next generation of scientists with the same enthusiasm he brings to his own work. He enjoys engaging with his team, fostering a collaborative and dynamic work environment at VelociGro, and considers himself fortunate to lead such a talented group of individuals.

In his personal time, Tim is an avid hiker who loves exploring the great outdoors — a pastime that keeps him connected to the earth and inspires his work towards sustainable agriculture solutions.

In Tim, the heart of a scientist beats in harmony with the soul of an environmental steward, making his leadership at VelociGro as impactful as it is genuine.

Successful businessman speaking on cellphone in office

Jonathan Romo

Head Grower

Jonathan, the passionate and dedicated head of plant research at VelociGro, is not just an employee but a cornerstone of the company’s vision for the future. Alongside his talented team, he plays a crucial role in both current plant research initiatives and in aiding the R&D department in crafting innovative products that are set to redefine agriculture. With a heartfelt and unwavering goal to help make agriculture more sustainable and responsible, Jonathan is one of the co-inventors of HYPERroots™, a testament to his ingenuity and commitment to environmental stewardship.

His educational background is robust and deeply rooted in his love for plants and sustainable practices. Jonathan holds a degree in Greenhouse and Nursery Management from Fullerton College, where he fell in love with the intricacies of plant growth and cultivation. He further honed his skills and knowledge at Cal Poly Pomona, earning a degree in Plant Science that solidified his foundation as an expert in the field.

Beyond his formal education, Jonathan is a lifelong learner, constantly exploring the latest research, engaging with fellow scientists, and seeking to understand the evolving world of plant science from every angle. His colleagues often find him deep in conversation with farmers and growers, keen to understand their challenges and insights, demonstrating his genuine care for the people his work ultimately serves.

In his personal life, Jonathan is an avid gardener, often spending weekends with his hands in the soil of his own backyard, which he fondly refers to as his “personal laboratory.” He enjoys hiking with his family, taking inspiration from the natural world around him, and is an active member of several plant science forums where he both learns and mentors aspiring young scientists.

Jonathan’s expertise, coupled with his personable and approachable demeanor, makes him not just a leader, but a cornerstone of the VelociGro family.

Issie Smith

Associate Scientist

Fresh from graduating with a B.S. in Biology from UW-La Crosse, where she was an active participant in various research projects and a friendly face in the department, Issie embarked on a significant life adventure — she packed up her belongings and moved across the country to join the VelociGro team. This ambitious move was fueled by her passion for sustainable agriculture and her eagerness to apply her education in a meaningful way.

Now, as an Associate Scientist at VelociGro, Issie is a central part of the innovative heart of the company. She is hands-on in the best way possible — she manufactures our products with precision and care, designs and conducts experiments with a curious and methodical approach, and assesses data with the kind of critical eye that can only come from someone truly passionate about their work. Issie’s responsibilities also include meticulous testing for quality specifications, a task she approaches with unwavering commitment to excellence.

Her colleagues appreciate Issie not just for her keen scientific mind, but also for her warm and engaging personality. She is known around the office for her readiness to lend a helping hand, her knack for explaining complex concepts in a way that anyone can understand, and her infectious enthusiasm that brightens up the lab even on the busiest of days.

Outside of the lab, Issie is an avid nature enthusiast. She spends her weekends hiking local trails, often with a field guide in hand, cataloging plant species as a personal hobby. She is also a volunteer at a community garden, where she loves teaching kids about the joys of growing their own food and the importance of environmental stewardship.

With her combination of scientific rigor, a cooperative spirit, and a genuine desire to make a positive impact on the world through her work, Issie is not just an employee at VelociGro — she is a beloved member of a team that’s working towards a brighter, more sustainable future.

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Marilin Leiva

Associate Scientist

Marilin, is a versatile and indispensable member of the VelociGro team, who gracefully juggles a variety of roles in both operations and laboratory assistance. Every day, she brings a unique blend of technical know-how and organizational prowess that helps keep the company running smoothly and efficiently.

Her journey began at Long Beach City College, where she pursued her studies in Business Administration. It was during this time that Marilin developed a strong fascination for the intersection of business and science. She excelled in her courses, forming close bonds with her professors and classmates, and was known for her talent in taking complex ideas and translating them into actionable plans.

In her role at VelociGro, Marilin applies the invaluable knowledge she gained during her studies to real-world scenarios. She is often the go-to person when a process needs to be streamlined or when a fresh perspective on a project is needed. Marilin thrives on problem-solving and is known for her can-do attitude that turns challenges into opportunities for improvement.

Beyond her professional responsibilities, Marilin is a true people person. She has a radiant personality and an ability to connect with everyone she meets, making her a beloved figure in the office. Her coworkers often find themselves drawn into her engaging conversations about everything from the latest scientific developments to her recommendations for a great weekend read.

Outside of work, Marilin is an avid traveler and a passionate volunteer in her community, often lending her time to local environmental clean-up projects. She has a soft spot for animals and enjoys spending her weekends at the local animal shelter, where she volunteers as a caregiver for the pets waiting for their forever homes.

In every aspect of her life, Marilin exudes a warmth and sincerity that enriches the lives of those around her. Her multifaceted role at VelociGro is a testament to not only her diverse skill set but also her unwavering commitment to the company’s mission and her genuine love for her work.